Welcome home: Dolce&Gabbana opens the doors to its new boutique dedicated to the world of furniture on Brompton Road, London. The new opening spurs from the long-standing partnership between Luxury Living Group, a leader in the luxury furniture and lifestyle industry, and Dolce&Gabbana, collaborating on the design, production and distribution of the line.

Elegant and essential, the space inside the boutique, spanning over a single open space !oor, is characterized by the harmonious balance of contrasts between the architectural elements of the building and the aesthetic codes of the brand: pillars, neoclassical columns, beams and plaster ceilings are  reimagined in the distinctive Dolce&Gabbana style through a total black  palette.

The predominantly black theme throughout the space seamlessly harmonizes with glossy lacquers and basalt, a precious material derived from the processing of lava stone. Basalt is a recurring element in Dolce&Gabbana’s boutiques worldwide, accentuating the furnishings of the Dolce&Gabbana Casa Collection.

The creativity of the themes of the Collection come to life on upholstery and tables, carpets and lampshades, bar carts and cabinets, dining tables and chairs, accessories and decorative objects that tell a story of love and warmth, of passion for beauty and the art of hosting, in a great celebration of Italian know-how.

Technical Notes
Address: 220-226 Brompton road SW72RR
Surface area: 270 sqm