On March 9th the Luxury Living Store Los Angeles celebrated the reopening after its restoration with a cocktail in partnership with Art Seen Gallery.

The store, that displays Bentley Home, Versace Home and Luxence collections and about 130 customers, artists designers and art lovers joined the cocktail party.

Art Seen, a multidisciplinary fine art consulting firm founded by Leonardo Ledesma in 1993, provides professional art procurement and advisory services to a wide range of clients. The firm represents a select group of artists from various parts of the world, offering a diverse range of artistic perspectives.

The Luxury Living Group has chosen Art Seen to curate artworks for its showroom collections. The selected artists for this exhibition include Miguel Osuna, Brad Howe, and Moises Ortiz. Through their unique artistic visions and techniques, these artists are expected to contribute to the enhancement of the showroom’s art collection.

Overall, Art Seen’s impressive track record in fine art consulting and representation has earned them the distinction of being selected by Luxury Living Group to curate this exhibition. Their expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional art procurement and advisory services are highly valued in the art world.

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