Luxence distils the Forli-based company’s long-standing expertise in the creation of luxury furniture that reflects the identity of the most important fashion brands worldwide. The products resulting from this tailoring process are aesthetically consistent and appealing to the senses.

Cosmopolite, the focal point of the collection, gathers the Marco Polo, Palazzo, Mediterranea and Nomade lines, all of which enable the expression of one’s own personality through the composition of unique and distinctive interior design narratives.

Four themes and scenarios interpret home interiors based on different styles and emotions, setting the mood for each context. The powerful allure of the Luxence collection stems from uncompromising quality and attention to detail, and from the ongoing collaboration with the best Italian craft and artisan industries. Its contemporary make-up fuses fashion and interior design into a mutual interaction inspired by a deep seated passion for Italian creativity.

Manufacturing expertise and a skilful selection process underlie the beauty and refinement of custom-made furniture, making the Luxence collection a leader in the luxury furniture industry.

Sensory Wellbeing

The new Luxence collection is all about stylish and yet cosy home interiors that make you feel comfortable and free to express yourself.
The elements, materials and textures recall nature: wood, glass, fibres,
fabrics and leathers trigger a mutual interaction between design and sensory engagement and wellbeing.

The colour palette encompasses ivory, nut brown, bronze, gunmetal grey, as well as a range of green and grey shades. The coverings include a selection of waxed Napa leathers, nubuck, faux fur-like velvet fabrics, chenille yarns, animal prints and embossed patterns, all of which stimulate the tactile appeal of the surfaces. Every single element is made with painstaking attention to detail to induce a warm and pleasurable sensation that conveys the alchemical balance of a journey – oftentimes an intimate one – that links mankind to nature.

The Infinite Home

The Luxence collection merges style with the tailor-made interpretation of furniture to fulfil the customer’s needs. Home interiors can be endlessly reinvented. The quality of design stands unsurpassed in each and every of its nuances, thus revealing your personality as a result. Luxence is conducive to creating tailor-made home interiors to match your most intimate or mundane side, while enhancing your inner beauty and identity.

Outdoor Indoor

Luxury Living Group’s long-standing expertise and research into the best materials has helped Luxence rethink outdoor and indoor spaces by funnelling the soothing vibrations of nature into cosy and exclusive interiors, thereby creating an almost intangible outdoor-indoor transition. A constant interaction between instinct and rationality has reversed the traditional approach to design, where furniture and nature complement one another. Indoor and outdoor spaces thus become interchangeable, mostly due to the accurate selection of the coverings used, which are both pleasant to the touch and strong, merging the soothing and reassuring spirit of nature with comfortable home interiors.

The collection

The new Luxence collection celebrates boundless versatility. The subtle courage to maintain the very essence of our personality flows through the physical interaction and mutual exchange between design and the functional and aesthetic quality of the furniture.

The Dreamy bed merges the sculptural and graceful shape of its headboard with the gentle and rounded lines that flare out at the base. An elegant covering completes its three-dimensional quality. Two optional runners, available in a wide range of finishes, can be used to create matching or contrasting combinations that form a colour palette inspired by complementary worlds.

The shape of the Avenue armchair recalls the essential lines of Japanese design, in combination with the allure of Luxence style. Painted and lacquered wood is covered with a profusion of lavish velvet drapes available in a wide colour range. Comfortable and soft to the touch, deep padded cushions embellish the elegant shape of the armchair.


The Twiggy chair also combines a tactile quality with contemporary design. The elegantly crafted frame adds a substantial quality to the design, by matching its soft covering with a pleasurable tactile quality that is consistently enhanced by the essence of velvet.

The Roxy Wave loveseat goes against the grain by merging parallel worlds into a combination of craftsmanship, sex appeal and glamour. Its white metal or gold painted frame counterbalances the choice of animal print fabrics that feature unusual but sophisticated nuances.

Understated elegance derived from the fashion industry goes hand in hand with constant research into the unique quality of the materials. The armchair epitomises the style of the Luxence collection through painstaking research into the coverings, erasing the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces, while reminding us that true luxury lies where emotions and personality represent both sides of the same
precious coin.