The MILLE chaise longue, a piece of the SEIDO collection designed for Luxence, is presented at the official exhibition of DESIGNART TOKYO 2023, which focuses on innovative creations and projects proposed by creators with unique perspectives. The SEIDO collection, with the name inspired by the Japanese words Sei (static) and Do (mobile), expresses Gwenael Nicolas’s thoughts for furniture that he has built through his various experiences as an interior designer. The unique proportion of MILLE embodies the concept of the collection, which proposes a new typology of furniture.

DESIGNART TOKYO (October 20-29, 2023) is one of Japan’s largest design and art festivals that is a platform for various genres of design, art, interior design, and fashion, held in the heart of the world’s most culturally diverse city, Tokyo. The theme in its seventh year is “SPARKS – Freeing your Thoughts”. Innovative creations will gather in Tokyo, unfolding discoveries and thoughts that will arise from within ourselves amid a drastically changing society.