Bringing together the elegance of design and storytelling on the theme of travel and exploration, the brand opens up to the eclectic view of the France-born creative who, after studying in Paris and at the Royal College of Art in London, moved to Tokyo, where he lives and works.
His deep connection with Japan gives the capsule named Seido, a combination of the kanji (Japanese characters) “sei” (static) and “do” (moving) its philosophical imprinting. The concept of duality in fact provided the starting point for this line of furniture, which will be showcased at the Milan Furniture Fair in an architectural volume set amidst natural surroundings.

The designer imagined a “green house” thereby emphasising another foundational contrast, the one between primitive design and timeless luxury, between a cosmopolitan look and the energy of an environment shrouded in vegetation.

The collection, comprising sofas and coffee tables, dining tables, armchairs and chairs, is itself dominated by the use of the colour green, which materialises through an unexpected interaction with metal and restrained lines, which are also ultimately sinuous. “As an interior designer, I see items of furniture as sculptural objects that arrange space and relate with it through a delicate equilibrium between serenity and stimulus, stillness and movement,” explained Gwenael Nicolas.

Somma Dining Table and Ardore chandelier

Luxence uses the Seido capsule to continue a refined narrative, which is expressed in the home environment through an aesthetic, multifaceted consistency.

For this collection, Gwenael Nicolas was charmed by the unexpected interactions of furniture items, by a movement that transforms into extreme comfort and thus into a genuine manifestation of luxury. The flexibility and variety of the elements enables infinite combinations to be created.