Andrej is a table with a sculptural presence, on which Elisa Ossino has introduced a highly prominent formal contrast between the volume of the base and the extremely thin top featuring a slightly rounded oval shape. The tension between the shape of the elliptical top and the solid mass of the base is echoed once again in the cross-plan base matched with workmanship that dramatically thins out the edges, making them resemble a leaf. Coordinated base and top in Marquina Black, Carrara White marble or Travertino Grey. Internal frame and under top in steel with matt black varnishing.



    A team of young designers creates a collection of furnishings inspired by conviviality, comfort and inclusivity Trussardi Casa opens a new and important chapter in its history and focuses on design and research.

    The brand is presenting a novel idea of home living that expresses the company’s contemporary vision. Milan is still the protagonist of the brand’s lifestyle, but reveals a new image in step with the major changes in the city. The understated elegance of Milanese bourgeoisie opens up to the world, to multiculturalism and to the new generations in defining a refined and contemporary lifestyle.


    Tables and desks

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