Alongside its long-standing partnership with Matteo Agati, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Elisa Ossino and Leonardo Talarico, the brand has also involved designer Antonio Facco and international artists Jimmy Delatour and Prem Sahib into the creation of these extraordinary hybrids. Carlo Colombo’s essential style underlies the collection, where soft and embracing shapes inspired by nature combine with experimentation into recycled materials and green fabrics.

Trussardi Casa emphasises the creative path undertaken in 2022 by working with a team of young designers to reinterpret the couturier’s design principles. The new furniture collection strengthens its ties with the cultivated and refined character of the fashion brand, by further promoting a contemporary home living concept that is dictated by a cosmopolitan and adaptable lifestyle. The fashion brand’s long-standing collaboration with Carlo Colombo sits yet again at the core of Trussardi Casa 2023, enriched by a creative community that includes new Italian and international designers.

Next to contributions by Leonardo Talarico, Elisa Ossino, Francesca Lanzavecchia and Matteo Agati, young designer Antonio Facco – founder of the multidisciplinary studio named after him – has also joined the brand’s design collective, together with French-Dutch artist Jimmy Delatour and English artist Prem Sahib.

Their background in art, sculpture, photography and graphic design help advance the brand’s research into these quintessential hybrid creations.

Trussardi Casa 2023 embraces a wide and inclusive repertoire by mixing Italian culture with international cultures to create a universal language.

A new collection of timeless products available in a range of warm, natural and well-defined colours is the product of highly skilled craftsmanship that is the distinctive mark of Luxury Living Group, which makes and distributes the brand worldwide. Sofas, tables and coffee tables, chairs and furniture accessories are defined by segmented lines that gradually soften into highly comfortable, rounded contours that recall organic and ancestral shapes.

The brand’s emphasis on the use of sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials also pays homage to nature. Matteo Agati has tested this new approach by designing a table made from cutting-edge material that can be entirely recycled at the end of its lifecycle. The “Eco” collection of recycled and recycling fabrics also makes its debut: Aria, Terra, Fuoco and Acqua are the four textured fabrics included in the “Eco” collection. They come in a range of natural shades that are in line with the brand’s identity.

The exhibition area on Via Passione 8 will be hosting Trussardi Casa during Milan Design Week. The collection will unfold in the sophisticated layout of the exhibition rooms, to represent and epitomise
a place of shared experiences, memories, emotions, and a sense of warmth. A selection of iconic products refreshed in new green fabrics will be displayed in a gallery format, preceding the actual exhibition.

The collection

Godwin by Carlo Colombo

Designed by Carlo Colombo, the modular sofa Godwin is the symbol of the collection: its irregular shapes and segmented lines intersect to define space. Well-proportioned and flexible shapes that recall the concept of nature coupled with large, soft paddings outline an all-new modular approach.

The project also explores the perpendicular quality of the compositions, beside the traditional linear and corner configurations.

This highly versatile sofa pays tribute to geometry and promotes a sense of sophisticated comfort, by merging lightness and sturdiness. The seats and backrests are designed for a modern use of furniture, embracing comfort and relaxation as well as conviviality. Inspired by sartorial techniques in Trussardi’s fashion collections, the double stitched seams running along the perimeter and on the backrest cushions embellish Carlo Colombo’s inherently minimal style.

Sivert and Disk by Antonio Facco

Tangibility and abstraction merge in Sivert, the collection of tables available in various shapes and sizes designed by Antonio Facco. His Milan-based design studio develops multidisciplinary projects combining interior design, products, graphic design and photography. The substantial base, consisting of two sculpted legs decorated with marble inlays, is counterbalanced by stone veining effects that make the tabletop appear dynamic and luminous.
Leather is paired with wood or marble. The pairing of two different textures and materials is a distinctive mark of the products featured in the Trussardi Casa collection. It is available in various diameters in the round version and in two different lengths in the rectangular version, representing the ideal balance between timeless design and modern materials.
The Disk coffee tables combine geometric shapes with a monochrome colour palette, producing a highly dynamic and almost futuristic visual effect. Crafted from natural materials like wood and leather, the tables are shaped and arranged like functional islands. Each product is made from a combination of wood, leather and marble, fusing together modern shapes and classic finishes.

Sunset, Papel and Cyli by Jimmy Delatour

Jimmy Delatour works and lives in Paris, and makes his debut at Trussardi Casa with four pieces. He is fascinated by architecture, and intrigued by the primitive shapes of nature and the veining and texture of stone. His Sunset armchair combines a top arch and bottom arch together—two semicircles mirroring each other like the sun and its reflection, while the seat represents the horizon.
Its round and comfortable design can also be appreciated in the shape of the ergonomic backrest, while the frame is entirely covered in leather.
Papel is a sturdy and very light desk. It combines solid elements and cavities, minimal design and rounded shapes drawn from Roman architecture. Its handcrafted solid wood frame features soft, rounded edges. The desktop and the half-circle legs can be covered with leather to create unusual colour effects. Trussardi Casa introduces Papel as a workstation for home interiors. Streamlined design is the stand-out feature of the Cyli stool.

A simple cylinder supports the backrest for added comfort. It can be used as an additional seat in the living room, or paired with the Papel desk. Chromium-plated metal hardware in the shape of Trussardi’s circular greyhound logo, a distinctive element featured also on the house’s leather goods collections, is fixed on to a leather strap.

Finally, the asymmetric Rainbow rug mimics gravitational waves that attract and deform lines, separating itself from traditional structured rectangular formats, into the infinite nature of cyclical shapes.

Eclipse by Prem Sahib

In his Eclipse mirror, Prem Sahib expresses a destabilised minimalism, both lyrical and provocative at the same time. Eclipse draws inspiration from the device covering the video camera of the artist’s laptop, hinting at the interaction between presence and absence, which is defined by the contrasting mass and void that is a key feature of the British designer’s aesthetics. “The black side is a reference to the works I created using obsidian, a volcanic glass. I wanted it to be like a portal on a wall, a
means of transcending reality”, Sahib explains. His artwork always gives shape to individual entities and a sense of belonging.

Rock Table and Neli by Matteo Agati

Matteo Agati is one of the young designers involved in the reinterpretation of Trussardi Casa’s design principles. His Rock Table and Neli set, consisting of a bench and two console tables, display
unique design features in combination with the use of contrasting materials—merging Mediterranean tradition with hints of Scandinavian style. All three pieces combine geometric and sculptural shapes characterised by minimal lines and rounded edges that produce a softer visual perception of the ensemble.

His large table, characterised by clear-cut and dynamic shapes, relies on an original design approach.
The tabletop and the upper part of the legs are made from a new type of recycled panel whose surface design recalls the undulating texture of natural stones. A folding technique is applied to obtain smooth and seamless panels, avoiding visible joints. The lower part of the legs is covered with Futura, an environmentally friendly fabric made from pre- and post-consumer recycled fibres.
Trussardi Casa explores new creative scenarios with Rock Table, where fusing Matteo Agati’s design creativity and a sustainable recycling approach.
The Neli collection consists of a bench and two console tables, characterised by three separate elements: a central top fitted with double T shaped legs that are moulded around the tabletop edges. Individual blocks intersect to create unusual shapes. The lines are clear-cut but rounded and curved. The structural material is organic and infused with living energy.

Nebula, Choco and Bangkok by Francesca Lanzavecchia

Lanzavecchia has expanded the Nebula collection, first introduced in 2022 with a sofa that highlights comfort with its cocooning form. Soft design lines define these new pieces, mixing tradition and irony, history and playfulness.

The bed, the stool and the high and low versions of the armchair—all of which experiment with contrasting fabrics—emphasise the embracing effect of the furniture. The new chairs fuse comfort and luxury, and are shaped like two small-scale architectural pieces,
based on a “less is more” approach. The adjustable backrest of the Nebula armchair provides two contrasting yet matching solutions, respectively a convex and a concave version: the first serves a social purpose, while the second embraces cosiness and intimacy. This emotional undertone recalls the fluffiness of a cloud, as the name suggests. The bed shares the same sculptural lines of the sofa and the armchairs, creating a cocoon of relaxation. This substantial but light looking bed features meticulous tailoring details and high-quality materials.

Francesca Lanzavecchia has also designed the Choco bedside tables.

They are made from matt black ash and consist of two highly organic elements. Two large and solid bases support two wide
leather tabletops, appearing as if they are suspended on the line between waking and sleeping. This counterweight recalls the balanced way of life in Japanese and Zen culture. The Bangkok lamp, available in the table and bedside table version, also provides a glimpse of the Far East. Three different materials converge into this object: the dark beechwood base, the fabric lampshade and the decorative metal inserts. The wide brim lampshade amplifies the beam of light radiating from it, projecting a parabola of diffused light effects.

Mekonghina by Elisa Ossino

Elisa Ossino revisits her Mekong seat project with the Mekonghina chair. The small version of the armchair designed in 2022 merges gentle, rounded lines with the charm of an ancestral era. This new embracing chair also combines abstract geometric shapes, contrasts and references to metaphysics, thus redefining the object-space relationship. Leather and fabric coverings, various textures and colours allow creating separate indoor and outdoor ambiances by “dressing” them up with ever-changing and bespoke solutions.

Bowl by Leonardo Talarico

Leonardo Talarico experiments with different shapes, skilfully balancing the elements involved in the objects that he creates. In his Bowl table collection, the base disappears and the top dominates the surrounding space with its sculptural frame—thanks to a fine balance between movement and inertia that pays tribute to Japanese minimalism. Two half spheres meet and fuse into Bowl. A distinctive contour emerges from the fluid movement of their intersection, bringing art and design together to perform a function.