Trussardi Casa

Trussardi Casa works with a team of young designers to reinterpret the couturier’s design principles. The furniture collection strengthens its ties with the cultivated and refined character of the fashion brand, by further promoting a contemporary home living concept that is dictated by a cosmopolitan and adaptable lifestyle.

The fashion brand’s long-standing collaboration with Carlo Colombo sits at the core of Trussardi Casa, enriched by a creative community that includes new Italian and international designers. Next to contributions by Leonardo TalaricoElisa OssinoFrancesca Lanzavecchia and Matteo Agati, young designer Antonio Facco has also joined the brand’s design collective, together with French artist Jimmy Delatour and English artist Prem Sahib.

A collection of timeless products available in a range of warm, natural and well-defined colours. Sofas, tables and coffee tables, chairs and furniture accessories are defined by segmented lines that gradually soften into highly comfortable, rounded contours that recall organic and ancestral shapes. The brand’s emphasis on the use of sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials also pays homage to nature.