Versace Home presents a new collection of furniture and home accessories created as part of a collaboration between Donatella Versace and the famous duo of design architects: Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini. More than a simple transposition of the fashion brand’s stylistic codes, this project has been created by master architects in partnership with Luxury Living Group integrating fashion, luxury and living to offer a global experience of the Versace world.

The collection speaks of know-how, creativity and pure design, echoing the revered identity of Versace. References to non-conformism, classical art, mythology and eclectic decoration and geometric lines are mixed with typical Italian flair as Versace continues to use its icons to define a bold lifestyle.

The furniture comes alive on the domestic stage and presents embracing designs. The beauty of the home collection is expressed in all its sculptural power in the new store space on Via Durini, Milan, which is staged like a real home. There the Versace world is revealed, room by room, in a succession of atmospheres that speak of its extraordinary ability to draw on different artistic expressions and transform them into a liveable reality.

The new Versace Home collection is the fruit of research into the brand’s history, its shows, its icons, and graphic elements that distinguish its philosophy, and most importantly of the incredible experience of the two architects when it comes to create interior design pieces that last.

Leather is combined with silk, luxury metals with marble, and block colors with printed surfaces as a celebration of contrasts. The Versace Home designs are defined by this polyphonic vision: each piece, with its own history and character, forms part of a complete and evocative environment in which we can immerse ourselves for a new living experience.

The brand’s new La Greca pattern evolves from the runway to the home and forms a jacquard that dresses furnishings. The pattern also provides a backdrop for some of the rooms in the Milan store. La Greca represents a modern interpretation of Versace’s iconic Greek Key.

Versace’s signature Medusa, Barocco and Trésor de la Mer motifs give three-dimensionality to the details of sofas and chairs, coffee tables, beds and lampshades, mirrors and cabinets. Tone-on-tone engravings, screen printing, textile treatments and pleating give elegant vibrations to the surfaces, combined with glossy finishes. Furniture such as the generous Aeternitas love bed, styles from the Goddess line, and those of the Stiletto collection are the stars of a rebellious, sophisticated and avant-garde habitat – all boasting expert craftsmanship.

For Milan Design Week, the Versace Home boutique will also host a special installation by Paul Kneale, a young Canadian artist promoted by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.l